Paying Your Utility Bill

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Osceola Water Works is proud to be able to offer customers many convenient options for paying utility bills. With the community growing and new families and individuals taking up residence, the water works department felt it would be beneficial to run through the billing and penalty regulations and ensure all customers are aware of the options available to them.   For the convenience of all of our customers, let us outline the utility bill payment process and all the payment options and regulations. Osceola Water Works offers different options for you to make your payment to us.  You can always stop into

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How To Read Your Osceola Water Meter

osceola water meter; how to read your water meter

Each month, your water meter is read to determine your water consumption for billing purposes. Most water meters are located in the basement or crawl space of a single-family home. Other water meters may be located inside a plastic cylinder known as a meter pit (below ground). The meter pit can be found near the street by the sidewalk. All water meters in Osceola are conveniently read by remote equipment so you do not have to be available to let an Osceola Water Works Operator into your home. If your meter is located in your home and easily accessible, you may compare the readings located

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Water water everywhere…

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There’s a pretty good chance you’ve used water today. It comes from the tap – clean, clear, fresh, and fantastic. Whether you used it for a shower, to make a pot of coffee or cook, or just to get a simple drink, did you stop to think of how that water got to you? From town to town and city to city, municipal water works manage the daily flow and treatment of community water. But not many people take the time to consider those behind the scenes, making sure the water gets to its final destination efficiently, economically, and with

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Osceola Water… WORKS. Osceola Water Works Embarks on New Public Education Campaign

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ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE OSCEOLA SENTINEL (OSCEOLA, IA – August 17, 2015) This summer, Osceola Water Works contracted with Spoke Communications to develop and implement a public education and communications program to be delivered to the residents of Osceola, Iowa. The program will be a dedicated effort by the Osceola Water Works board to help residents see more of and understand the value the board and the Water Works staff provide to the community. “’You turn the tap and the water comes out.’ That seems to be the extent of the understanding some have about an effective Water Works program.”

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