There’s a pretty good chance you’ve used water today. It comes from the tap – clean, clear, fresh, and fantastic. Whether you used it for a shower, to make a pot of coffee or cook, or just to get a simple drink, did you stop to think of how that water got to you?

From town to town and city to city, municipal water works manage the daily flow and treatment of community water. But not many people take the time to consider those behind the scenes, making sure the water gets to its final destination efficiently, economically, and with the highest levels of health and quality possible.

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For Osceola, that process is managed and maintained by the Osceola Water Works. Without the Osceola Water Works, the Board that directs it, and the crew that staffs it, this morning’s shower would have been a completely different story.

So, we want to help you understand more of the story by guiding you through the long tale that is the Osceola Water Works. Through a regular conversation with our residents and businesses, the Osceola Water Works, over the next few weeks, will be telling their story. And by the end, you, your family, and friends will have a better understanding of the important role the Osceola Water Works plays in our city’s health, wellness, safety and all around happiness.

Water Works Fact: The average shower will use 2 Gallons of water every minute. So, in a 10-minute shower, you’re estimated water use is upwards of 20 Gallons. Imagine taking that X a family of four in a community of 1000 families. That’s 80,000 gallons of water every day… just for showering.

Osceola Water… Works.

The Osceola Water Works Board and staff work tirelessly to make sure residents receive their water as expected. Each home, each business, and even the emergency resources for water are managed and maintained by this group of dedicated professionals. When there is a broken line to be repaired or the balance of consumer water resources changes, the Water Works team jumps into action.

Delivering for growth

With miles upon miles of pipeline and water infrastructure throughout the city, Osceola’s Water Works team has an impressive duty to uphold. Some pipes within the city were installed when Osceola’s square was still navigated by horse and carriage, while newer infrastructure for our growing population and booming business is constantly being laid. With that much diversity in quality and age, the Water Works crew must be uniquely qualified, trained, and that training maintained to assure the integrity of the system. Whether installing a new customer service connection or replacing an aged cast iron water main, the crew knows the answer to any water flow challenge.

“Much of the operation of Osceola Water Works stems from our focus on consumers’ satisfaction and their safety. If Osceola residents are getting their water in a safe, efficient manner, that means we’re doing our jobs.” – Brandon Patterson, Water Supervisor – Osceola Water Works

Protecting the health of thousands

Health regulations through the DNR and EPA have driven much of the development of water purity and cleanliness requirements throughout the nation. The Osceola Water Works strives to not only meet required standards, but also exceed them. The Water Works staff, through daily system testing at the water plant as well as hourly water quality testing, promises to deliver clean, fresh, and healthy water to you and your family each and every time you open the tap.

A valuable part of our first responders’ team

Osceola’s volunteer fire department has enough to focus on. So when it comes to making sure the water to fight fires is available and the infrastructure is capable of performing its duties, whom do you think they turn to?

Each hydrant and each line within the emergency water infrastructure is maintained and managed through the Osceola Water Works. From assuring access to hydrants through landscaping to flushing the entire system two times or more a year to make sure the water pressure is available, the Water Works team becomes a valuable asset to the safety of our community.

There’s so much more

We’d hate to flood you with too much information (see what we did there?) about Osceola’s Water Works Department, so we’re going to continue this education program through a multi-stage, multi-delivery process. Watch for more information on your water and how the Osceola Water Works provides a service that, while rarely seen or recognized, is valuable beyond simple drinking water.

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