Go Paperless with Osceola Water Works!

osceola water works paperless billing

In an effort to help the environment and make billing and bill-paying more convenient for everyone, Osceola Water Works has started a PAPERLESS BILLING OPTION. By clicking on the form image to the right, you can open and download the permission form for your Osceola Water Works billing statements to be E-MAILED directly to you. Just fill the permission form out and return it to the Osceola Water Works office to get started. You can view/download the form by clicking here (will open a new window). Of course, you can still pay your Osceola Water Works bill through traditional means

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Water water everywhere…

osceola iowa water works

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve used water today. It comes from the tap – clean, clear, fresh, and fantastic. Whether you used it for a shower, to make a pot of coffee or cook, or just to get a simple drink, did you stop to think of how that water got to you? From town to town and city to city, municipal water works manage the daily flow and treatment of community water. But not many people take the time to consider those behind the scenes, making sure the water gets to its final destination efficiently, economically, and with

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From The Lake To Your Glass – And Everything In Between

On a hot day there’s nothing better than a cool, clean glass of water. Throw in a couple ice cubes and it’s pretty close to perfect – perfect for hydration, for taste, for health, and refreshment. But did you ever stop to think about HOW the water you get from the tap actually gets there? Thanks to the crew at your Osceola Water Works, you’re able to partake in some of Iowa’s highest quality water without buying a single bottle, or pesky filters or softeners. West Lake Is Where It All Starts The water has to come from somewhere, right?

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