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Osceola Water Works Board and staff, with a focus on health, safety, and fiscal discipline, are dedicated to providing quality water and related services to support the community of Osceola’s water needs – today, tomorrow, and in the future.

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Osceola Water Works is a full service water utility committed to protecting the city of Osceola’s public health by providing our customers with safe, clean, high quality water at the lowest price possible. Osceola Water Works’ rules and policies are set by a five-member Board of Trustees.

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Currently, the Osceola Water Works employs 11 full time employees. These employees are responsible for the safe operation of the Water Treatment Plant and the Distribution system, including the Water Works Office who maintains billing for Water, Sewer and Garbage services. Water rates are controlled by the Osceola Water Works Board. Sewer and garbage rates are controlled by Osceola City Council.

Osceola Water Works is a separate entity from the City of Osceola. The City of Osceola has an agreement with Osceola Water Works to bill for sewer and garbage services.

Please feel free to contact our staff at (641) 342-1435 about any water related concerns.

All information posted within this site is directly developed for educational and informational purposes.

The Osceola Water Works Board and its Staff want to assure all Osceola residents of their commitment to the highest quality of water, water management, and civic commitment.