To request services activated at your property, please complete the following form in entirety and submit it with your $150 deposit and photo id to the Water Works Office.

Send back to us either by mail, email or you can also put in our drop box out in front located at 208 W Jefferson St.

Emails to use:

Click for Application for Water Services

Application for service form– PDF FILE (ENGLISH VERSION)

Application for service form– PDF FILE (SPANISH VERSION)

When is my utility bill due?

Utility bills are printed and mailed the first day of each month.  The bill is due in full by the 15th of each month.  If not paid by the 15th, on the 16th, a 10% penalty is applied and disconnect notices are sent, giving you 12 days to pay the bill in full or make arrangements with the Water Works Office.  If the bill is not paid in full or arrangements are not made within the 12 days, your services will be disconnected until all balances including the reconnect fees are paid in full.