osceola water works osceola iowa(OSCEOLA, IA – August 17, 2015) This summer, Osceola Water Works contracted with Spoke Communications to develop and implement a public education and communications program to be delivered to the residents of Osceola, Iowa. The program will be a dedicated effort by the Osceola Water Works board to help residents see more of and understand the value the board and the Water Works staff provide to the community.

“’You turn the tap and the water comes out.’ That seems to be the extent of the understanding some have about an effective Water Works program.” said Brandon Patterson, Osceola Water Works Superintendent, “Our goal is to raise the awareness of all of our services, the value of clean water, and a well-managed infrastructure. It impacts us all in ways you’d never realize.”

A series of informational postcards and flyers will be launched this week, outlining many of the services provided by the Osceola Water Works – from delivery and treatment of the city’s water to support of emergency services. Each message will focus on a specific service provided by the Water Works, explaining its impact on Osceola residents, as well as additional facts and figures on water usage, the effect managed water services have on our economy and environment, and the benefits of a well managed program like Osceola’s.

In addition to postcards and flyers, there will also be opportunities for public conversations in a “Q & A” public event that will be scheduled and announced soon. The education program will also have copies of all delivered information and video from events on a Web site that will be connected to The Water Work’s site.

When asked why this program was launched, Patterson replied, “Osceola’s growth has spurred on some serious conversations about the Water Works services, how we deliver, and how we support our residents.” Patterson said. “We want this program to help everyone understand the deep dedication we have to our community.”
The initial program introduction and flyer will be delivered to homes within the next week. Following messages will be delivered through mail, newspaper, web, and other delivery services.

For more information on this education effort, contact: Brandon Patterson, Osceola Water Works, 208 W Jefferson St, Osceola, IA 50213, phone: (641) 342-1435, web: www.OsceolaWaterWorks.com, email: OsceolaWater2@windstream.net

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