Osceola Water Works Exits Conservation Ordinance

west lake levels chart

At the June 6th 2024 Osceola Water Works Board meeting, the board voted to exit Section 1 – Water Watch of the Osceola Water Conservation ordinance. This means Osceola water customers are not under a conservation ordinance after more than a year of community-wide conservation efforts.

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NOTICE: Water Conservation Ordinance Reduced to Section 1 – Water Watch

osceola water works

On Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024, Osceola Water Works board passed a resolution to EXIT Section 2 – Water Warning of the Water Conservation Ordinance and ENTER Section 1 – Water Watch of the Ordinance. Under these conditions and until further notice, no user shall use municipal water service in any manner contrary to the guidelines outlined in the ordinance. From the Ordinance: Section 1: Water Watch – Voluntary Conservation Measures A Water Watch may be declared when the water level in West Lake reaches an elevation 1070.5 feet above Mean Sea Level (“MSL”) which is 1.5 feet below normal pool

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You are hereby notified that a public hearing will be held regarding the Water Rates for the Osceola Water Works, Osceola, IA 50213, on the 6th day of June, 2024 at 5:30 P.M. at the Osceola Water Works, 208 W Jefferson, Osceola, IA 50213. The purpose of the meeting is to inform the public of the Water Rates. All members of the public are invited to attend and may make statements concerning the matter of the Water Rates. In addition, comments may be submitted in writing at that time, or before and said comments shall be made a part of

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Resolution No: 2024-13

Effective June 1, 2024 the following RESOLUTION AMENDING RULE 2 WATER DEPOSITS OF THE OSCEOLA WATER WORKS RULES & REGULATIONS will go into affect for all Osceola Water Works customers. A.If you are renting or purchasing a home on contract you will be required to pay a $200 deposit before service is activated. B.In a rental or contract sale situation, service will remain in the property owner’s name until the renter or contract sale customer (herein after referred to as customer) applies for service and pays a deposit. If a customer moves out without notifying the Water Works, service will

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Recent Rains Ease Drought Concerns, But Water Works Encourages Continued Conservation

osceola water conservation ordinace section 2 - water warning

With the recent rains, the relief felt at the May 9th Osceola Water Works Board of Trustees meeting was palpable. With a jump in lake levels of more than 3.75 feet, the board unanimously decided to exit Section 3 – Water Emergency of the Osceola Water Works Conservation Ordinance and enter into Section 2 – Water Warning. 

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Special Osceola Water Works Bottled Water Giveaway – May 7th

osceola bottled water giveaway

On May 7th, 2024, in two public events, the Osceola Water Works’ team will be handing cases of bottled water to the community. This is in response to a generous donation received to help with the ongoing water conservation efforts throughout the community.

Check out the latest feature and the details surrounding the distribution of more than 36,000 bottles of water and the donation that helps support their customers…

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Water Board Approves Plans for the Future of Osceola’s Water Supply

plan for osceola water

For more than 18-months, the Osceola Water Works team has been evaluating and researching the most impactful ways to supplement Osceola’s water supply and increase access to other raw water sources to serve the community. In Thursday’s monthly water board meeting, a plan was presented and approved with three focused stages, including estimated timelines and costs for the future of water in Osceola and Clarke County.

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Big Business Concessions for Community Water Conservation

industrial and commercial water users in osceola iowa

Since the October water conservation ordinance update from Osceola Water Works Board of Trustees, the efforts surrounding reducing water use have shown how a community can really come together in emergency situations. That also means Osceola’s largest water users, commercial and industrial customers.

Check out the latest feature for what these large water customers have done to help with the conservation efforts throughout their businesses…

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