Breaking Down Your Osceola Utility Bill

osceola iowa utility bill

After recent conversations with some of our customers, we realize there is still some confusion on the breakout of the utility bill administered by Osceola Water Works. While the bill customers receive includes fees for Water, Sewage, and Garbage, rates and management for the water portion is the sole responsibility of the Osceola Water Works. Any other utility rates and/or service management fees are controlled through the City of Osceola.

To help, we’ve provided a more detailed breakout with additional information on your Osceola utility bill. That can be found through the link below.

Again, if you have questions, we encourage you to reach out to the Osceola Water Works team through our Web site, or by calling 641-342-1435.

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Encouraging Osceola to Think of Bottled Water as Conservation Measure

encouraging bottles water to conserve in Osceola iowa

While recent community water conservation measures have shown daily water use averages down and the dropping levels in West Lake slowing, the Osceola Water Works Board, City, and Clarke County EMA are encouraging water customers to consider implementing a bottled water routine for their daily water consumption needs.

To read more, click through to the latest update from Osceola Water Works…

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Water Works Team Addresses Water Quality at Lower Levels

With the lower levels of water in West Lake, quality challenges have become more apparent and require a change in the disinfection process. To help mitigate bacteria and other issues at lower levels in West Lake, a free-chlorine disinfection process will begin.

Click through to learn what you can do about the changes in your water…

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Urgent Update on Water Levels in Osceola’s West Lake Reservoir (Video)

osceola west lake drought video

The Osceola Water Works team continues to provide updates to the community about drought conditions and to guide customers in efforts to help conserve water. In this post, we provide additional information in the form of video to help illustrate the severity of our ongoing drought situation.

We ask that all Osceola Water Works customers, including residential, commercial, and industrial do their part to help the community and conserve water. For more information on the Water Conservation Ordinance, Section 3 – Water Emergency, please click through to the Osceola Water Works website.

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DROUGHT MONITOR During the month of August the US Drought Monitor showed some areas of improvement, and some areas of degradation. Areas of southwest and central Iowa that received above normal rainfall for the month saw an improvement in drought classification. However, areas of southeast Iowa that were very dry during the month saw drought conditions deteriorate. Areas of Lee, Van Buren, and Tama Counties saw two drought class degradation in the last month, with a large area of D2 – Severe Drought existing in over 20 counties in southeast Iowa. An area of D3 – Extreme Drought continues to

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2019 – Consumer Confidence Report

The 2019 Water Quality Report for Osceola Water Works has been released. This report contains important information regarding the water quality on the Osceola Water Works system.  To read the details of this year’s report, click the report image and you will be able to open and download or print a PDF of the report. If you have questions, please contact the Osceola Water Works offices through our website contact page or by calling: 641-342-1435.  

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osceola water works newsletter

The Osceola Water Works Board works to provide the highest quality water and water services to all of our customers. In doing so, we produce quarterly update flyers that are sent out to the community as well as a more comprehensive overview of the annual activities from The Board and Water Works activities throughout the city. This Annual Newsletter is sent directly to our Water Works customers, but can also be seen and downloaded in digital format here. Please click on the link below to open and / or download a PDF of the Annual Newsletter. 2015 Annual Newsletter (English)

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