On February 25th, the Osceola Water Works Treatment Plant switched over to free chlorine.  This change in chlorination will remain in effect until further notice.  Water with free chlorine will begin being sent to the water distribution system on February 26th.water taste, water smell, osceola water

Free chlorination is a temporary process that distributes free chlorine in place of combined chlorine (chloramine) throughout the water distribution system as part of routine distribution system maintenance. Free chlorination is a common practice used by water producers using the chloramine treatment method.

Starting in the final week of February, some residents may notice a stronger chlorine odor and taste in their tap water due to the change in these disinfecting products. This change poses no risk to our customers, but we recommend the testing of any water being added to aquariums or ponds to avoid harming fish or other animals. Pet stores or fish supply stores should have additives to remove free chlorine or chloramine from water used in fish tanks or ponds.

Residents who are sensitive to chlorine will want to keep an open container of tap water in the refrigerator to allow the chlorine to naturally dissipate and reduce the impact of the chlorine on their water.

Osceola Water Works will remain on free chlorine for approximately three weeks.  At that time, Osceola water supply will revert back to a chloramine based filtration process and the chlorine smell and taste will subside.

If you have questions or comments about your water service, please contact Brandon Patterson, Osceola Water Works Superintendent, 208 West Jefferson Street, PO Box 515, Osceola, Iowa 50213, phone: 641-342-1435 or email: osceolawater2@windstream.net