We are currently experiencing a larger than normal algae growth in West Lake.  Samples collected have detected elevated levels of algae.  We are working directly with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and made the decision to switch pulling water from the top intake of the lake to the lower intake.

Changing intake levels has decreased the amount of algae, but we are seeing elevated levels of manganese.  Manganese is a common, naturally-occuring mineral found in rocks, soil, ground water and surface water.

Manganese may become noticeable in water and can have a yellow/brown color and may leave black deposits on sinks and bathroom fixtures.  We are currently below all health advisory levels for manganese and the water is safe for consumption.

Osceola Water Works continues to work around the clock to provide safe drinking water to the citizens of Osceola.  We are working with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to adjust our treatment process at this time.Osceola-Water-Works---Works

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