Osceola Water Works Switching To New Billing Structure And Rates

osceola water works

(OSCEOLA, IA – MAY 26, 2021) Osceola Water Works continually strives to provide safe, quality water to the customers they serve. In an effort to continue effectively and safely serving their customers, OWW will be transitioning to a new billing structure that will include a rate increase to not only allow the department to budget for necessary upkeep, repairs and improvements, but also make calculation and payment of future bills easier. Starting July 1, 2021, OWW customers will see the new billing structure. With the new flat-rate structure, the average residential customer will only see an increase of a few

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NOTICE: Water Works Annual Treatment Change

fire hydrant maintenance, fire hydrant flushing

Starting in October, Osceola Water Works will begin transitioning to winter maintenance and will be making a change in the treatment process. Residents may notice a difference, but will have no cause for concern. In early October, the water works department will begin the annual fire hydrant flushing program. This process is a way to perform routine maintenance on the hydrants and to clean out sediment in the water mains. Department employees will open the fire hydrants and allow them to flow freely for a short period of time. Residents may notice slight discoloration or trace amounts of sediment in

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Paying Your Utility Bill

osceola utility bill, osceola water works

Osceola Water Works is proud to be able to offer customers many convenient options for paying utility bills. With the community growing and new families and individuals taking up residence, the water works department felt it would be beneficial to run through the billing and penalty regulations and ensure all customers are aware of the options available to them.   For the convenience of all of our customers, let us outline the utility bill payment process and all the payment options and regulations. Osceola Water Works offers different options for you to make your payment to us.  You can always stop into

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Tap Water vs. Bottled Water: The Facts

bottled water vs tap water

Over the past twenty years, the consumption of bottled water has become so common, the sales are second only to bottled soda and eclipse both milk and alcohol. But is there really a benefit to drinking bottled water over tap water? Let’s compare the facts and find the real story. The safety of municipal water in the 1800s was suspect and not regulated, and bottled water was definitely a safer gamble. The start of water chlorination in the early 20th century and the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 changed that, and the popularity dropped off. With the invention of

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Explaining Your Utility Bill

osceola utility bill

The Osceola Water Works Department frequently receives questions regarding the Osceola utility bill. For new customers, it can be confusing since it holds a lot of information, and others may have trouble understanding what all is included and who is responsible for the different charges included. We would like to take a moment to try to answer your questions and ease your concerns about your Osceola Utility Bill. Why is my bill so expensive? Your utility bill includes more than just your water usage fees. Osceola Water Works is in charge of only the water portion of your utility bill. Osceola

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Osceola Water Works Board Welcomes Mark Binning

Osceola Water Works Board Member Mark Binning

The Osceola Water Works Board would like to announce and welcome the latest addition to the team, Mark Binning. Mark’s appointment started on the 1st of December and replaces the outgoing Dave Neas. Mark Binning’s Bio and Position Statement: Background: I was born and raised in rural Leon, IA and graduated from Central Decatur in May, 1972. In July of 1972, I started to work at Miller Products Company in Osceola in the shipping department.   In September 1973, I married my wife Vickie. We have one daughter, Christine who is married to Mark Baker. The Baker family lives in Ames

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Osceola Water Works Board Welcomes Larry K. Bishop

The Osceola Water Works Board would like to announce and welcome the latest addition to the team, Larry K. Bishop. Larry’s appointment starts on the 5th of November and replaces the outgoing Ryan Rychnovsky. Larry K. Bishop’s Bio and Position Statement: Background: I was born and raised in Norwalk, IA, graduated from Norwalk Community Schools in 1967 and then continued my education at United Electronics Institute located in West Des Moines, IA., graduating in 1969. During this time, I married my wife Ruth in the spring of 1968. After graduating, I went to work at Texas Instruments located in Houston,

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