UPDATE: Understanding Your Osceola Utility Bill

osceola iowa utility bill sample

With the recent updates to the paper billing (sample shown to the right) and at the request of our customers, the team at Osceola Water Works wanted to further define and clarify the sections of the customers’ utility bill sent out each month. Osceola Water Works has an agreement with the City of Osceola to bill for city sewer (SW), the city sewer surcharge (SS) as well as city garbage services (GB) to conveniently keep all local utility services on one, convenient monthly statement.  With the new formatted billing, customers can easily see the itemization of each utility service on

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Explaining Your Utility Bill

osceola utility bill

The Osceola Water Works Department frequently receives questions regarding the Osceola utility bill. For new customers, it can be confusing since it holds a lot of information, and others may have trouble understanding what all is included and who is responsible for the different charges included. We would like to take a moment to try to answer your questions and ease your concerns about your Osceola Utility Bill. Why is my bill so expensive? Your utility bill includes more than just your water usage fees. Osceola Water Works is in charge of only the water portion of your utility bill. Osceola

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