Effective June 1, 2024 the following RESOLUTION AMENDING RULE 2 WATER DEPOSITS OF THE OSCEOLA WATER WORKS RULES & REGULATIONS will go into affect for all Osceola Water Works customers.

A.If you are renting or purchasing a home on contract you will be required to pay a $200 deposit before service is activated.

B.In a rental or contract sale situation, service will remain in the property owner’s name until the renter or contract sale customer (herein after referred to as customer) applies for service and pays a deposit. If a customer moves out without notifying the Water Works, service will remain in the customer’s name until such time as the Water Works discovers the vacancy. Upon such time, service will automatically be returned to the owner’s name or disconnected, and the deposit will be returned to the customer, less any outstanding charges.

C.Customer deposits may be retained by Osceola Water Works until all efforts are exhausted in order to collect balances owed to Osceola Water Works for utility services.

Approved and passed this _9th_ day of _May_, 2024

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