water filtration, osceola water quality, water filtersIn the continuing effort to provide Osceola residents with clean, great-tasting water as well as keeping costs low, Osceola Water Works has stepped up their filtering schedule, with the a round of change-outs that took place from March 8th through the 11th.

One of the main issues the Water Works Department has been faced with in recent years is the taste and odor of the drinking water in Osceola. Part of the arsenal being used to fight this problem is the carbon filtering system already in place. There are 8 filters that use granular activated carbon (GAC). Because their surfaces become saturated with the pollutants that have been absorbed over time, these activated carbon filters have a limited life span. The material in the filters has to be changed at regular intervals to maintain acceptable filtering properties. In the past, filters were changed four at a time on a rotating annual basis. Starting this month, all 8 of the filters will be changed at the same time each year, taking about four days. There will be no interruption of service during this procedure.

The raw-water quality of West Lake is deteriorating causing the carbon to lose its effectiveness at a higher rate. With West Lake being in such close proximity to the treatment plant, filtering options and time are limited. When there is a greater distance for the water to travel, there will be much more opportunity for treatment along the way, reducing the burden on the filters at the plant.

We’ve been fighting the deteriorating raw water quality of West Lake for years. Changing out the filters at a higher frequency will be helpful, but we’re really looking forward to the new reservoir,” said Brandon Patterson, Water Works Superintendent. “We’ll be much better able to tackle the filtering challenges before the water ever reaches the plant. That will mean a lower need for chemical intervention and consistently better tasting water for the whole community.

Carbon Central out of Excelsior Springs, Missouri will be assisting the Osceola Water Works Department with the filter change out. The cost to replace each filter is roughly $16,500, to be paid for with the increase in water rates seen earlier this year. But the improved filtration of organic material, chemical contaminants, as well as unwanted taste and odor will provide a much safer and more pleasant water supply for all Osceola Water Works customers.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Brandon Patterson, Osceola Water Works Superintendent, 208 West Jefferson Street, PO Box 515, Osceola, Iowa 50213, phone: 641-342-1435 email: osceolawater2@windstream.net