As a service to our community Osceola Water Works will be providing periodic updates on the activities taking place around Osceola. As we continue to work on improvements and infrastructure, we want to make sure all of our customers have access to the most up-to-date information possible.

UPDATES: November 2, 2015

1.  Our crews will be out hooking the last 3 customer services to the new water main installed on the 1300-1400 Block of South Ridge Road. This area used to be serviced by a private water service line. One of the properties was served by a private well. We also installed two new fire hydrants in the area for fire protection.


2.  We’ll also be continuing our fall fire hydrant flushing (when we flush hydrants we are also servicing and maintenance each hydrant in the water system). We also record chlorine readings at each water hydrant. All the data collected is then stored in our office. We flush in each area until a good chlorine residual is obtained.


3.  We switched from total chlorine to free chlorine. We expect to stay on free chlorine for about 30 days. The IDNR recommends we switch to free at least once a year to flush out your distribution system. This is typically done in the Spring and Fall. Free chlorine is a stronger disinfectant and some people notice a change much like what you may smell in a swimming pool. The water is still safe to consume and we still have regulations we have to meet, but feeding Free chlorine allows us to flush out the distribution system. While we flush the system, people may notice some discolored water. This again is not harmful, but is caused by the high velocity of water flowing through the water mains during flushing. This should be very short term as well.


If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at the office by calling – 641-342-1435. You can send an message to us through the Contact Us page as well

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