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    Osceola Water Works is currently taking applications for the position of a full-time Utility Business Director position.  Osceola Water Works offers a competitive compensation package with medical, dental and life insurance.  Employees are covered with IPERS retirement benefits. Applications, job descriptions and a full listing of qualifications may be picked up at the Water Works...
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    Osceola Water Works Switching To New Billing Structure And Rates
    (OSCEOLA, IA – MAY 26, 2021) Osceola Water Works continually strives to provide safe, quality water to the customers they serve. In an effort to continue effectively and safely serving their customers, OWW will be transitioning to a new billing structure that will include a rate increase to not only allow the department to budget...
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    Osceola Water Works Researching Plans for Improved Water Quality
    It seems to be an annual occurrence. As soon as the heat of late summer hits, surface water sources around the midwest become victims of algae blooms, causing treatment challenges for municipalities and water departments and giving citizens concern for their water quality. In Osceola’s West Lake, the algae blooms have been increasingly difficult in...
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