Osceola Water Works is a full service water utility located in the heart of south central Iowa.

We are committed to protecting the city of Osceola’s public health by providing our water customers with safe, clean, high-quality water at the lowest price possible.

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  • water leaks, leaking faucet, fixing water leaks
    Little Leaks Could Mean Big Problems
    Have you seen a significant change in your water bill that you can’t explain? There may be a reasonable explanation that you’ve overlooked. Before you panic, look through this list of non-leak related causes of a higher water bill: Have you had visitors or overnight guests? Have you filled a swimming pool, garden tub or...
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  • osceola water works clean water taste and odor
    Osceola Water Works Addresses Customer Concerns Regarding Flint Michigan Lead Issues
    Recent news stories about the dangerous water in Flint, Michigan may have raised some questions for customers of Osceola Water Works. How does lead get into drinking water? What are the health effects of lead in drinking water? How safe is MY drinking water? We would like to provide some answers and ease any concerns....
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  • osceola water works activities water board
    REMINDER:  UTILITY BILLS ARE DUE ON THE 15TH   Osceola Water Works wants to remind you, your utility  bills are due on April 15th.  For your convenience, we wish to list the different payment options available to you. Online at OSCEOLAWATERWORKS.COM with NO fees (Please allow 2-3 days for processing) Automatic withdrawal on the 15th of the...
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